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Thread: Mark's Tabletop Suggestions Once Again

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    Mark's Tabletop Suggestions Once Again

    Hello everyone,,
    Change server options in-game. You were playing Chess, but now you want to play Checkers. Misleading people through another title is not a good way to do this, and neither is having everyone to rejoin just so you can play another game. The same with the amount of players you'd like to join. Different games need different amount of players. (Setting below the players currently in the game will simply no longer allow any more people.)
    Real life version: "Everyone needs to leave the house while I set this new game up, sorry guys." "Nooo!"
    Jerry sees them playing Chess. He goes to sit at the table. They're actually playing Checkers! "Wow, I was mislead there!"

    Install workshop games without having to restart the game. I'm not sure if this is possible though. It would be a nice feature so you don't have to restart the game in order to download a new game for your group to play.
    Real life version: I'm not sure this makes sense in real life, so this is just a paragraph breaker.

    Starting servers from a singleplayer game, and vice versa.
    Real life version:*Opening the door to the house, kicking everyone out again.*

    Temporary host switch if the host leaves the game. This means the server won't shut down if the host accidentally disconnects. A timer starts for one minute. Note that the new temporary host doesn't have any powers the original host had. If the owner manages to rejoin in time, he becomes the host once more. If not, then some button appears and the person who clicks it becomes the new host. (If the old host joins then he can take back his owner rights if he chooses.)
    Real life version: Bob leaves for a snack and the board game is incinerated.[url=][/url] [url=][/url] [url=][/url]

    Forced host switch. So if the current host has to go, then someone else trustworthy can be in charge instead of leaving it to chance. This would improve game lives on the server browser dramatically.
    Real life version: "I have to go, here's the keys to the house! Let anyone in and out as you please!"

    Allow other people to become administrators on games. Let them be able to spawn objects and mute/kick people. (Independantly of course, we do like our choices.)
    Real life version: "Hey Jimmy, can you get me a block?" "Sorry Jim, I can't reach the block box."
    "Can you kick that guy? I have to do this right now." "Sorry, my legs can't reach him under the table."
    (Basically, arm and leg lengtheners!)

    Allow the host to move around as they please around the table and change colours as they please. Colours and table positions in my opinion should not be linked. There are games where moving around is required: a.k.a Fluxx.
    Real life version: Having to put on a different coloured shirt just to sit on a different seat. The judge however can't, and always has to wear a white shirt. Why should the judge have to be glued to the chair instead of being able to move around like everyone else? (Please do not mention disabilities; that is not the point.)
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    Not sure if you realize that there is a Suggestions section to the Forum where this content would be more applicable.

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