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Thread: Hidden Zones for MULTIPLE Players

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    Hidden Zones for MULTIPLE Players

    Hello everyone,,
    Playing D&D and having two players in one room and two players in another, and wanting each to only be able to see their room gets complicated and near impossible. I suggest that the Hidden Zone tool have the ability to be shown to as many players as possible. It seems like it would be easy to implement and would be immensely helpful to the creators/DMs and their players.

    Click image for larger version.

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    A proof-of-concept image I threw together pretty quickly.
    [url=][/url] [url=][/url]
    In this image players on teams Green, Orange, and Red will be able to see into the zone, while the Teal player in the Teal zone above cannot.
    There is only one issue that I can think of and that is zone coloring. It could be anything: keep it the first color selected, make a new color specifically for multi-zones, add labels to the multi-zone, it doesn't matter honestly. As long as the mechanic is there then the gameplay will be improved dramatically.

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    Why is my image so tiny?

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    This is currently possible but it is a little more work. You can use the object's setInvisibleTo(). This function takes a table of player colors to which the object is invisible. I use this for my RPG Framework to show menus to only the GM or only to the GM and respective player. I also use it for an alternative to the TTS FoW because the TTS FoW will reveal past walls if the characters get too close to walls. So as an alternative I use the setInvisibleTo() to set the objects to be invisible from all players except GM. As the players enter sections, I change the setInvisibleTo() list so the players can see that area. To make this process easy to do I mark objects from each room with a common ID in the description and then I have scripts that hide and show all objects matching a give ID. This way I can quickly unhide objects without even having to select the corresponding objects.

    In your case, you would just use the setInvisibleTo() on all the room objects and list all the players not in that room. This will make it invisible to those outside the room but visible to those inside the room.

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    Regarding hidden zones, I actually am trying to work on a digital version of a particularly unique card game that uses miniature books as deck zones. Instead of having a hand zone, you'd have the book with card sleeves and would continue turning pages to reveal the next card(s) to yourself. To make this work, I'm borrowing a concept someone else had of using the book covers as two individual cards and then flipping cards forward to make it resemble a book. However, the opponent should not be able to see these cards... and there in lies the problem.

    As far as I know, hand zones are unable to let you hold cards in your hand that are stacked together and will instead fan them out. So hidden zones with a deck on the table seems like the best option, but the way things are, hidden zones seem to hide everything in the rectangular box from the opponent players, which would make it easy for players to cheat and rearrange the cards in this deck.

    So my question is: Is there currently a way to get the hidden zone boxes to reveal to opponents exactly as much as the hand zones reveal? The deck owner should be able to see what's in the zone, but would appear to the opponent as the backs of the cards only. If not, is there a way I can add a script for it?

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