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Thread: Player Color Based Interactable

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    Player Color Based Interactable

    The interactable property is useful to prevent static objects from being accidentally moved by players. However, in RPG games there are lots of objects which should not be interactable by players and should be interactable by the GM (host).

    It would be ideal if the object interactable property worked like the visibility property in that instead of being a true/false, it would be a string of player colors which are able to interact with that object. An empty string would mean no interaction with any players (i.e. the equivalent of the current interactable = false). Listing all player colors would allow all players to interact with the object (i.e. the equivalent of the current interactable = true). However, listing some player colors (such as black) would allow only those players to interact with the object.

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    Yea that really would be super useful, not even just for RPGs. You could script a "don't touch my stuff" tool that lets you quickly set items to only be interactable by you in case you, like me, have friends that like to touch stuff in your player area

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    Agreed. I am surprised that the InvisibleTo() function does not do this. I would think that if you are making an object invisible to certain players it is probably for the purpose of not wanting them to interacts with it. How often would a game use invisible objects that players can interact with? I'm guessing it is done this way because the InvisibleTo() just sets some CSS visibility (or similar) but it would probably be more difficult to prevent the interaction.

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