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Thread: Volume controls for each tablet (set by each player)

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    Exclamation Volume controls for each tablet (set by each player)

    It would be great to be able to set the volume of tablets individually.

    Sometimes there is a tablet playing music but I want the music to be louder and another player wants it to be quieter. We can't both individually change the music on the tablet, as it changes it for everyone.

    My suggestion is to add an option to set a tablet's volume for yourself. With this, if I wanted to make the music louder I could and the other player that wants it quieter ALSO could change it to his liking. This doesn't just apply to music of course, if one player is watching a video tutorial on a tablet, being able to mute the video for myself because I already know the rules would be very nice.

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    While this option is not available at the tablet level, the individual player's game options do have a number of sound controls allowing some control over what you want to hear and what you don't want to hear.

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    Yea, definitely not the same

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    Hello...Force Toggles merits trying also. It's one of my must-have applications, permitting you to make custom switch bars on either the homescreen (as a gadget) or in the notice board. It incorporates a Volume Slider flip that, whenever tapped, raises your different volume sliders at the head of the screen. In the event that you put this in a switch bar in the warning board, at that point you can get to it whenever by swiping down the board.
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