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Thread: Noobie Wants to create game

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    Noobie Wants to create game

    I know its here somewhere but can someone link me to the best instructions how to
    create a game , add my own images, how and where to upload. I wish to mod or add new games to the Steam
    library.[url=]tweakbox[/url] [url=]appvalley[/url] [url=][/url]

    Thanks in advance.

    I have found Deck Builder at Nexusmod , but it is a JAV file and for some reason does not load on my computer.
    I am running windows 7
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    I am assuming you mean add new games to Steam's Table Top Simulator. There is a big difference between adding games to Table Top Simulator (much easier) than adding games to Steam (much harder).

    Game building...So there are two types of games that one can make: Non-Scripted and Scripted.

    In Non-Scripted games, the game (or Workshop as it is referred to in TTS terms) includes all of the pieces (similar to buying a physical boxed game) but the game does not enforce any rules (just like playing a physical boxed game). It is up to the players to follow the rules of the game but the game does not check if rules are or are not followed. Please note that a lot of workshops do not include the actual game instructions since one should own the physical game before playing it as a workshop on TTS.

    In Scripted games, the game (or Workshop as it is referred to in TTS terms) includes all of the pieces (similar to buying a physical boxed game) but also includes scripts which try to enforce the rules. This is similar to players playing a physical boxed game with one player not playing but watching to make sure everyone follows the rules.

    Non-Scripted games are, obviously, easier to make. In such games all you need to do is collect all the pieces and insert them into the game. If you are using a game which does not have 3D object (e.g. a game with only a board, cards or tokens) then this is very easy: find the desired images, trim the images to only include the desired portion of the image and insert them into TTS. If your game includes 3D content then you will either need to find or make the 3D meshes for the content. Finally the most extreme case is where you want to use animated 3D objects (such as the RPG character figures). This last case require the use of Unity software to import the objects and their animations and turn them into asset bundles.

    For scripted games you do the same as above and then you add, on top of that, all the LUA scripts to enforce the game play. It should be noted that LUA Scripts don't always need to be used to enforce game play. Lots of workshops have scripts just to make repetitive actions easier. For example, a workshop might have a script which collects all the playe cards, turns then face down and shuffles them.

    There are numerous ways to import content into TTS. If you have a limited number of objects then you can just use the Objects | Import | Custom menu options and then select the appropriate type (such as Board, Card, Token). Using this option allows you to upload the images to the cloud which is important if you plan to play multiplayer over the internet. If you need to mass edit the contents of a workshop, I find it easiest to open the Save Game file which is a simple JSON (text) file. This file contains all of the components of your game and all of their savable properties. Editing any of these properties, saving and then reloading in TTS is how I do mass changes. This is also how I typically create decks. I upload the image of multiple cards as a single card and then edit the Save Game to copy the single object multiple times modifying the image offsets. I am sure there is an easier way to do this but I don't know what it is. Importing 3D objects is done using the Objects | Import | Custom | Model (static objects) or Objects | Import | Custom | Asset Bundle (animated objects).

    Scripting is beyond the scope of this answer but you can find the scripting documentation at [url][/url].

    A few more considerations:

    A large number of workshops are actually illegal because they use copyright material (i.e. are copies of existing physical games which either use copyright images and/or copyright rules). It is unlikely that game owners are going to sue since TTS, as popular as it is, is not yet so popular to make suing worth while but technically they could. If this is a concern then there are a few things you can do to minimize the chances of legal action:

    1. Don't use the original images from the game you are trying to reproduce
    2. Don't include the instructions with the game

    The first suggestion is obvious. The images from the original game are copyright and thus by not using them you are lowering the number of things that you have infringed on. The second suggestion is based on the concept that if the instructions are not included then the player needs to have the original physical boxed game in order to know how to play in which case the game creator gets his/her cut. Obviously there are many ways around this such as learning to play the game using a friend's physical box set or download the rules from the internet so his is not a absolute solution but again lowers the chance of someone taking action against you. Obviously avoid making Workshops for games that are being sold as TTS DLC. Again, it does not mean that action will be taken against you but competing with the TTS DLC store is likely to antagonize someone because the owner is expecting revenue from the TTS DLC (and thus a Workshop implementing the same game is in direct conflict with the owner making revenue).

    In terms of using Workshops created by others, I tend to stick to the following rule: If I have the physical boxed game then I download the Workshop. If I don't then I don't download it. Again, I am banking on the fact that if the original owner already got my money for the physical boxed game, he/she isn't likely to sue me for using a digital version. Please note that this is NOT legal advice. This is just a bit of common sense.

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