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Thread: How to improve image quality.

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    How to improve image quality.

    I'm looking for a technique that will improve the image quality for cards or playing pieces like counters.
    If I start with an exceptional rendering of an image on a card, and lettering, when I create the piece or card
    in TTS there is always some considerable loss of image quality, especially when zooming in.
    I have noticed this in other modifications in the workshop as well. Why so much loss of quality, and is there
    something practical that I can input to fix it a little ?

    Thank You

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    If I had to guess, the loss of quality probably occurs when the 2D image is texture mapped onto the 3D objects in the game. The zoom function in TTS is probably a digital zoom which will deteriorate quality once it scales the object up beyond the native resolution at which it was created. For example: consider a board that is 256 x 256 pixels in size. Now consider a hi-res image that is 4096 x 4096 pixels in size. It is possible that the 4096 x 4096 image gets scaled down to the native resolution of the object (i.e. 256 x 256) and then when you zoom in on the object the object (and image) is stretched. This would explain why an object that was given a hi-res image, looks blurry when zoomed. BTW, I have to proof to support this...just making an educated guess on the symptoms.

    If this is the case, the try using a model instead which has a large size. For example, if you use a model with dimensions of 4096 x 4096 instead of a board then maybe the image quality will be retained. Obviously when you scale the object down, you will lose quality but maybe in that case zooming in will have higher quality.

    However, in general, I would expect there to be some quality loss when converting a flat 2D image into a 3D world. For example, if the player is not looking at the object from a absolute top-down view then the dimensions of the object need to be scaled in order to simulate perspective. This means one end of the object will taper which, of course, will result in quality degradation.

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    Thanks LordAshes.

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