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Thread: Joining Table Turns off Sound for entire system

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    Joining Table Turns off Sound for entire system

    Sound works fine in main menu but as soon as I Join/Create a new room. All the sound turns off. In-game and out. Youtube makes no sound, the game makes no sound, EVERYTHING MAKES NO SOUND. Pls send help.

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    Sounds like this is a problem with your setup. I have a weekly TTS game which uses sounds both from animated objects (assetBundles) and Text-To-Speech via the Tablet and I have no problems. Neither do my players.

    Probably an obvious question but have you checked the TTS game options under the Sound tab to ensure that TTS isn't just pulling down your in-game volume?

    Are you sure you are not using another application which is causing TTS sound to be muted? For example, a lot of voice chat applications have ability to lower or mute sound from other applications (such as TTS).

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