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Thread: Noisy phantom model

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    Noisy phantom model

    Hello everyone,,
    I hope someone can help.
    It's driving me nuts!
    I tried to make a custom model, but there was an error, and I didn't realize it until after I saved the project.
    Now, every time the project loads it quickly flashes by a red error message stating "failed to make token from image", and then says loading complete.
    The problem is, now there is a constant whooshing sound as the invisible broken token falls though the table repeatedly.[url=]mobdro[/url] [url=]lucky patcher[/url] [url=]kodi[/url]
    I've worked on the project for many hours, and it's so complex it's inconvenient to copy all the pieces to a new table, and I can't even see the token responsible to remove it!
    Don't know what to do...any thoughts? Very frustrated.
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    I am assuming that you can't grab the swooshing object and delete it. In such as case, save the game and then edit the save game file to remove the object. The save game file is just a JSON text file. You can open it and it will have definitions and properties for all your game components including hands, objects, scripts, etc.

    Do a search for the undesirable object (helps if you know something about the object like a name, an image file reference or model file reference) and delete the whole section related to the object. Just make sure that you delete the right amount of lines so that the remaining lines are valid. Save the modification and re-open in TTS. The object should be gone.

    Note: If you are not familiar with JSON formatting then I suggest that you first copy the save game file to a backup location so that you can restore your broken save game if you do the modification incorrectly.

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