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Thread: Integrate with Tilt Five

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    Integrate with Tilt Five


    I saw this Kickstarter and thought how cool would it be to play Tabletop Simulator on something like this?
    [url] ium=google&gclid=CjwKCAjwxOvsBRAjEiwAuY7L8ltan8-HTQaFKfypJQON1OHz1A9icPm_cxGvaCTTCaorArgtcO4nQRoCV sEQAvD_BwE[/url]

    Any plans for an integration?
    [URL=" ium=google&gclid=CjwKCAjwxOvsBRAjEiwAuY7L8ltan8-HTQaFKfypJQON1OHz1A9icPm_cxGvaCTTCaorArgtcO4nQRoCV sEQAvD_BwE"] ium=google&gclid=CjwKCAjwxOvsBRAjEiwAuY7L8ltan8-HTQaFKfypJQON1OHz1A9icPm_cxGvaCTTCaorArgtcO4nQRoCV sEQAvD_BwE[/URL]

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    I doubt that there will be official support for this any time soon because TTS seems to be focusing on main stream VR products like Oculus and HTC...unless the Tilt Five mimics either of these devices.

    However, it may be possible to integrate them yourself...It all depends on what the mentioned SDK will support.

    In theory:

    1. In TTS you know the position and rotation of all objects and you can push these out to a remote server using the TTS supported WebRequest functionality.
    2. Input form an external source can be pushed into TTS using WebRequest functionality.
    3. I don't recall if there is any functions for getting the OBJ, AssetBundle or image URL for objects but if there isn't it would not be too difficult to read this from the save game file.

    So assuming that the Tilt Five SDK has functions for loading 3D objects, assigning their positions and reading the Tilt Five controllers, some basic integration should not be that hard.

    Having said that, I just glanced at the link contents but I saw what appeared to be interaction (between the wand and virtual objects). It is unclear if this interaction is a result of the particular app or if the product has its own physics engine/environment. If it is the second case then integration could be more challenging because both TTS and the Tilt Five would be processing physics. Consider something like raising an object and letting it fall. If the object would fall in both the TTS world and the Tilt Five world then (if the rates are not exact) the object could fall faster in one case. This then means that if someone catches it, it could be caught in one physics environment but not caught in the other. As such, it would need synchronization between the two environments (basically one would need to become the master environment and overwrite the physics of the other environment).

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    I also would like to see tilt five support for Table Top sim. I know it was a stretch goal back when it was called CastAR.

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    Thanks for the feedback. They just announced that Tabletopia is going to partner with them. I hope that motivates Berserk games. I have both but much prefer Tabletop Simulator.

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    Any news on TTS integration with Tilt Five? Tabletopia does not support D&D and this would be a great product differentiator for TTS.

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