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Thread: I came to know about this game via facebook.

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    I came to know about this game via facebook.

    It's funny, this game popped up on my Facebook feed as a sponsored ad, so I looked into it, and it actually looks pretty fun. That all being said, is the game worth 59 dollars after shipping (Canada gets the kick in the teeth again), I'm not 100% sure. After the exchange rate and everything it's 76 dollars CAD, and not entirely sure if I can drop that on a worker placement game, when I'm still relatively (using that term [url=]iphone trade in[/url] loosely) new into the hobby and there are a few other games I could probably get for that amount.

    That being said, if they can unlock the 6th player then I may be swayed to do so, since most worker placement games (at least the ones I can think of off the top of my head) top out at 5.

    Also, the KS exlusives aren't swaying me too too much, fancy dice are pretty nice. Would have been nice if there was a couple of other things. Looks pretty cool, and I'm pretty on the fence about getting it, as I've never really KS a board game before (backed out of Dark Souls because could deal with the lack of gameplay).
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