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Thread: idea for better "private areas"

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    idea for better "private areas"

    Right now, private areas are using the volumetric fog cubes and that's ok but despite using a kinda nifty graphic technique, it ends up looking distracting and cumbersome...

    i propose that a better method would be letting the user draw out a rectangle on the table surface and that becomes the hidden area. a simple, flat card, colored according to the user color and maybe says "HIDDEN" or something... and basically, the entire volume above the rectangle is considered hidden with the upper bound extending to infinity... right now, the volumetric cuboid defines the upper bound of the volume too but that's pretty unnecessary isn't it? i don't think most people would use the hidden area up to 5 inches above the table to hide but then want to use 7 inches above it to reveal something - especially since we don't have hovering... everything falls to the table... so just make the rectangle define the borders within which nothing is rendered..

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    You can somewhat accomplish this in TTS long as all you need is hidden (and not non-interactive).

    Just create scripting areas and then set the objects visibility (I don't recall what the exact property is...I think something like InvisibleTo) accordingly. This property allows you to provide a string of player colors which dictate which players and can which player cannot see the contents. Using this method you can make areas invisible to all players except one but it also has the advantage that you can make areas visible to multiple players but not to others. So you can make areas which are shared by multiple players for, for example, exchanging objects between the two players without others seeing it.

    The downside of this solution is that it only affects visibility. If the other players run their mouse over the area their mouse will still change to a grabbable icon if they mouse over a hidden object and they can still grab the objects. They won't see them, but they can still grab them. This is "as designed" according to the scripting documentation.

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