I have a workshop that uses UI elements to create player specific menus. Since the top and left of the screen already have TTS core menus, I placed mine on the right edge of 1920x1080 screen. When my players joined the game, one of them was running from laptop whose resolution was less than 1920x1080. As a result she was not able to see her right hand side menus. I order for her to see it, I had to move the menu in a bit. Meaning others (who could see it) saw it pushed inwards compared to their own UI menus.

This could be a serious problem if a workshop has any UI elements (such as turn buttons) at the far right or far bottom of the screen since players playing with lower resolutions would not see such elements.

Ideally TTS should use a TTS coordinate system which would be scaled to the user's screen resolution thus ensuring that all workshop content is visible.