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Thread: i would like to buy TS. i will not load the steam virus onto my system

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    i would like to buy TS. i will not load the steam virus onto my system

    I would like to buy tabletop simulator.

    I will not use Steam. where may i purchase the program?

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    As far as I know, TTS is only available through steam. However, if you are concerned about running Steam just run Steam and TTS in a virtual machine (e.g. VirtualBox or WMWare). This way if a virus completely destroys the system, it will only have destroyed your VM and you can always have a backup of such a VM. Both VirtualBox and the basic VMWare are free products for creating/running VMs.

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    thank you for the response.

    steam itself IS the virus.....ill find a different platform

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    You'll miss out...TTS is a great product. I'm not saying that Steam is not intrusive but running it in a VM minimizes the intrusion

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