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Thread: Better controls for organizing

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    Better controls for organizing

    I made two videos to showcase the issues with organizing right now... the first video shows that whenever you have a lot of items to move around within the same folder, it resets you to the root folder and you have to go back to the folder you're organizing, after every single move. It's very frustrating, and is not efficient.

    The second video shows the issues with the dropdown selection of selecting which folder you are sending a file to, the issue here is the list is so long I can no longer see the whole list. A better option would be to have a slider in the list, at the Very Least. An even better solution would be to have a stacked file listing, where you click the file, it opens the next in the stack and finally you select ok on the folder you actually want.

    It would also be nice to be able to select multiple files at a time and move them all at once.
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