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Thread: Looking for Mind Flayer 3D-model

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    Looking for Mind Flayer 3D-model

    Hi everyone! I'm mostly using TTS for D&D, and I've scoured the workshop for hours but seem to have failed finding any decent Mind Flayer (Ithilid or any kind) assets / 3D-models. I'm aware I could use a drawn token for this, but generally prefer not to since 3D-models look so much more realistic, and immersion is important for me. Does anyone have one in their collection, or know of a mod that has one? Thanks in advance![url=]reverse phone lookup[/url][url=]nba reddit[/url] [url=]pcpartpicker [/url]
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    Download one from the internet and then import it into TTS using the Custom | Model option.


    If you download a STL file you will probably need to convert it into a OBJ file. You can do this easily with free software Blender. In Belener, use the Import option to load the STL file and then use the Export option to save it as OBJ. The above models are intended for 3D printing so they won't have a texture. If you want to add a texture, you can use Blender to do a Smart UV Unwrap and that will layout all of the pieces of the model into a flat plane so that you can create the corresponding texture map.

    You might be able to find textured models...I just did a quick internet search and found these 3D print intended models.

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