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Thread: LUA script to change current player

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    LUA script to change current player

    Is there a way to change which player's turn it currently is? For example, after a certain number or turns, when it would become the first player's turn they must instead choose a different player to become the first player, and it is immediately their turn.

    So player 3 ends their turn. Player 1 is shown 2 buttons for "player 2" and "player 3", player 1 clicks the button for "player 3".

    Can a script make player 3's turn immediately become active as well as reorder the players such that the order is player 3, player 1, player 2[url=]fedloan[/url] [url=][/url] [url=]easybib[/url]
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    There are a number of functions provided for controlling player turns. You can see the documentation at [url][/url]

    As such, when you want a player to choose another player, create your UI for the choice and then set the turn_color property (see the documentation link above) to the selected player. There is also the order property which allows you to change the player order. Lost of option, just read the corresponding scripting document section.

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