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Thread: Has anyone figured out a simple way to splay or tuck cards?

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    Thumbs up Has anyone figured out a simple way to splay or tuck cards?

    Hey all!

    I'm a big fan of Carl Chudyk's games (Glory to Rome, Mottainai, Innovation, etc) and currently have his latest print-and-play saved as a table.

    For the unfamiliar, almost all of his games require you to either tuck face-up cards under a mat such that one edge of each card is still visible, or to "splay" a pile of cards such that one edge of each is visible.

    As yet, I haven't figured out a non-fiddly way to make this work. Best solution I have so far is to turn off auto-raise on the cards, manually arrange them, position them on top of the mat, and then grab the mat so that it raises through them.

    It's fairly cumbersome.

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    Possible Solutions for Tuck:

    1. To set up the game, set the height adjustment to a low non zero value. Click on the mat and while holding it, press L to lock it. Now the map will be slightly raised and during the game you can slip cards underneath it. While you could do this in mid game, I would recommend against it because raising the mat during play can potentially cause odd effects on any object on top of the mat. So I'd lock it permanently slightly raised and then you can easily tuck cards underneath.

    2. Write a script that will raise the mat and its contents up a tiny bit, tuck your selected card underneath and then let the mat and contents "fall". Ensure the distance is very small - just enough to slip the card underneath - so that the contents don't fall over if they are not cards. You can created a UI button to trip this script. The script could tuck the currently selected card under the rest of the content.

    Possible Solutions For Splay:

    1. Write a script that collects all of the selected objects (i.e. the deck to be splayed) and then adjusts the object's positions. Each time adding a bit to the X or both X and Y depending if you want thew cards spread out in a horizontal line or a diagonal line. Again, a UI button (attached to the global screen or to the deck) could be used to trigger this effect.

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    The easest and non-scripting way to do this is to use snap points. Now you may need to make the snaps more spaced than you would like as cards will "snap" into a deck if placed to close together... but I use the "snap" method in my Mage Knight mod ofr placing atachments to units.

    • Place your card, make sure the object you want it to snap to is LOCKED or the snap will atatch to the table itself.
    • Select the SNAP TOOL. For cards I like to also use the ROTATION SNAP TOOL so cards are correctl aligned and then click on the cards to set the snap.
    • Lock the card (hover over it and press L)
    • Place the next card in the cascade correctly ONTOP of the original card.
    • Once it is placed correctly, right click on the old card and delete it.
    • Select the SNAP TOOL. For cards I like to also use the ROTATION SNAP TOOL so cards are correctl aligned and then click on the cards to set the snap.

    Now when you move the other card away you should have two snaps on the table that you can snap a card onto. Do a test and make sure that the 2nd card you drop dose not automatically form a deck.

    To use this in game...

    • Place the 1st card
    • Place the 2nd card
    • press "U" to make it go under the first card.

    So what happens is you place a card, place the second and then hit U, this puts it under the last card.... and this makes a cascade.

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