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Thread: New RPG Framework Available!

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    New RPG Framework Available!

    Lord Ashes' Tabletop Simulator RPG Framework Workshop is now available on Steam:


    This framework features:

    1. Player specific roll macros (which actually roll dice) keeping track of all the characters modifiers. Just select and roll.
    2. Animated characters featuring an idle, ready, attack, die and walk animation. Walk animation is automatically triggered when the character is picked up. Roll macros can trigger animations.
    3. Random battle quotes (if provided by animated characters such as those provided with the framework).
    4. Optional text to speech quote with each roll macro.
    5. Preset camera views which change the camera view for all players when triggered by the GM.
    6. Over-the-shoulder character view camera preset which changes the player's camera view to that of an over-the-shoulder view of what his/her character is seeing (including position and orientation).
    7. Player specific dice (with partially finished customized look).
    8. Player specific character sheet.
    9. Player specific tokens (sample).
    10. Player specific spells cards (sample) with side table.
    11. Custom Fog of War implementation.
    12. Support for removing content and loading next encounter without losing any of the current framework settings (like memorized spells, used spells, etc).

    You can watch the following video to see the features in action:


    I have even made a video tutorial on how the RPG Framework can be modified for your own game. The video is available at:



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