Mass Moving and Deleting of assets in Cloud Storage.

G'Day Tragic here....

I've started making some Tutorial Vids for TTS modding. This is the 1st one I have gotten around to uploading, and is a simple method to help with the organization of assets that have been uploaded to the cloud.

The Problem : Even if you make directories and then select them, the mass upload function still dumps everything in the main root folder. This is an issue for thoose people who maintain many mods as all the assets get mixed up and you need to sort though a zillion files in a single list to make any edits. The natural idea to to use directories but the upload dose not work at this time, as stated above, and there is no way to mass select multiple files at once and apply moves and delete to entire folders.

The Solution : To get around this I have made a autohotkey script that simply will move the files from root to a given directory. The script is super easy to setup and use and allows you to easily sort and get your files all organized. Basically I now upload to root and then use this method to move to a directory for easy sorting.

You will need go download :
  • AUTOHOTKEY Application -
  • The AutoHotKey Script (you need to edit this, see tutorial) -

Hope you like it!

Have Fun and ROLL HIGH