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Thread: Paste images and image parts (screenshots) from clipboard

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    Paste images and image parts (screenshots) from clipboard

    Could be really great to be able to do a screenshot (full screen or part of the screen like Win+Shift+S in Windows) or copy an image from internet (using context menu) and paste it into the game using Ctrl-V.

    Possible usages:
    - interface explanation
    - reminders with notes
    - save PDF pieces to group/reread etc
    - visual step by step guides
    - screenshot clock and use it as a time marker (less computation needed, easier to move etc)
    - quick board creation (search internet for any image of a board that contains card slots > copy image > paste as image into the game and use it immediately)
    - static webpage copy
    ... and many more

    Similar behaviour:
    Insert an image into any Microsoft Office document/Paint/Telegram/Whatsapp etc

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    How would you expect to show it in the Game? The chat, as far as I know, is only text? Are you suggesting to upgrade the chat to a graphical chat or are you suggesting that the resulting clipboard image would be shown in some other way like a popup? If so, this could get very annoying. Imagine you are trying to take a turn but some player keeps spamming your screen with screen shots.

    However, if you are a programmer you can probably implement this feature yourself. Tabletop Simulator has a tablet which allows you to view any URL that contains simple web pages. Thus you can create a simple application that posts the clipboard image to a web hosting site and then have the tablet display it. The steps to create would be something like:

    1. Create a Windows or Linux application that captures the screen on a certain keyboard combination.
    2. Have the application push the content up to a web server.
    3. Create a simple web page that updates with the latest pushed image.
    4. Add a tablet object in TS and point it to the simple web page.

    Then to use it:

    1. Run the Windows/Linux application
    2. Hit the specific key combination to capture the screen (which will cause it to get sent to the web hosting site)
    3. The TS tablet should show the image

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    The approach with tablet is overcomplicated. Tile already is a cool solution for that.

    My current workaround is just to save image/screenshot/partial screenshot somewhere and then load it using listed manual steps. But that could be a really cool way to provide same functionality to users/game masters as in other apps to speedup process and find new usages for that functionality. Because its much more time consuming to create some solutions to upload clipboard and that will not work in case other player also wants to do that (for example to save some notes from PDF he reads).

    Here is how I see approximate solution:

    [NEW] 1. Game Master changes Options>Permissions>[Paste Images] to true (false by default to prevent spam from players)
    2. Player makes a copy of an image (for example right click on an image from internet and "copy". or screenshot)
    3. Inside the game player presses Ctrl V
    [NEW] 4. At the position where the player points out it creates Components>Custom>Tile
    [NEW] 4.1. Clipboard content (image) is saved locally somewhere
    [NEW] 4.2. Both Top Image and Bottom Image are set to given new local saved image
    4.3. Make it thin (0.10 at start and let the user decide. here could be cool to make it even thinner like a card)
    4.3. Stretch to Aspect Ratio = true
    4.4. It proposes to upload to cloud (same as when you pick any image from folder)
    [OPTIONAL] 5. Saved clipboard contents could be only as a temporary file saved somewhere locally and removed at game shutdown/next start. Or RAM-only unless uploaded to cloud
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    Quote Originally Posted by neurofox View Post
    The approach with tablet is overcomplicated. Tile already is a cool solution for that.
    Your solution is good as long as you have players that behave themselves. The potential issue with your solution to create a new tile with the information is are creating a new tile. As proposed the new tile is created at the mouse position. This means that a player can potentially rain down tonnes of tiles anywhere on the board (disrupting other player and/or hidden objects on the board). I would suggest, instead, to have a fixed location (thus the player cannot create a new tile anywhere where it might disrupt other play or hidden objects) and I would suggest replacing the old one (i.e. destroying the old one and adding a new one). This avoids having the tiles collide and/or interrupt other players and ensures that the player does not generate a tonne of tiles which could slow down the game. Obviously, one such tile could be created for each player (and even visibility could be applied) if the information should be kept private.

    But, otherwise, I agree. The tile solution is better than the tablet suggestion.

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    1. If you don't trust your players - just dont give them permission. Table flip/drawing/messing cards/nudging is what i already seen in some rooms with further quick ban and time rewind. If mention that problems with this feature can be similar so rules to be applied can be similar. Just turn off pasting by default, allow game masters to turn it on for players they trust. Turning it on will automatically mean you're consent to be responsible for consequences and control the game process/rewind etc (same as in cases with table flip/drawing/nudging etc). Game master will also be the one who controls placing/locking those pastes to be useful by default (boards/user guides with drawn arrows etc) unless users can do them too
    2. Limiting pasting to only one will lead to frustration as that will be like a fake solution. Better totally prevent unless given privileges
    3. Replacing colliding ones will also lead to frustration. It's already quite easy to accidentally overlap things. Let grid solve that

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    Quote Originally Posted by neurofox View Post
    3. Replacing colliding ones will also lead to frustration. It's already quite easy to accidentally overlap things. Let grid solve that
    I wasn't suggesting replacing ones that collide. I was suggesting that each player has one "information tile" where they are provided any such information. When a player requests new information is just replaces the contents on the same tile. This means that game always has only one info tile per person and thus a player cannot spam the board with lots of tiles.

    But I is to be able to trust your players and then you don't really have issues.

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