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Thread: Broken textures.

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    Broken textures.

    As of today, many textures show up as this:

    This is irrespective of mod, and persists through re-download/installation of mods and the game.
    In my limited testing it doesn't seem to happen on servers though, only locally.

    OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home
    Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763

    EDIT: I tried deleting the contents of 'Tabletop Simulator\Mods\Images', and it's far worse now. Instead of just breaking textures of newly installed mods, they mostly refuse to load at all. (The ones that do are as broken as normal.)
    It's also changed from the green glitch texture to the classic all-white null texture, and previous mods now have far more textures broken than they did previous. (Oops.)

    Fixed it myself. No idea how to edit the thread's prefix, and I'm been here for a good half hour trying to figure it out, so I'll just assume the first kind chap to look into the thread'll explain to me basic forum functionality so I can do it, but aside from that, ticket closed.
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    I had this happen to me yesterday but today the problem corrected itself without me taking any action. I have a feeling that part of the SteamCloud was unavailable and thus certain objects or textures were not loading.

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    Can I ask what your fix was? Im having the same issue and cant seem to figure anything out.

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    Just full storage. To be fair, not full to the extent that I would've thought it'd have impacted anything, but opening up more seemed to fix it, so I can only assume that's what it was.

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    Time was the fix for me. I opened the same content the next day (without modifying it the previous day) and all objects and texture loaded correctly. As I said, I think the SteamCloud was having some issues that day.

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