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Thread: please teach this

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    please teach this

    I read avalon script


    HTML Code:
    table.checkInquisitTarget = function(color)
    what is this meaning?

    is it setting new function or anything else?

    could anyone teach similar example using that method?

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    in ula you can use text strings as keys for tables...

    table['checkInquisitTarget '] = false

    means that the table called "table" has a key, which is a string, called "checkInquisitTarget". This can be accessed in lua like this... "table.checkInquisitTarget" and even changed like this "table.checkInquisitTarget = true".

    I have not read the script so have no idea what data is held in that key or why it is used.. in my example it is a true / false bool value... but it could be anything. All I am saying is that this is "string key".

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