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Thread: card handling is super broken

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    Post card handling is super broken

    A) cutting (and splitting) the deck puts the bottom half on top. If this is intentional its very confusing, unexpected and people likely wont notice that because they're usually splitting blind. If im trying to put a card into the middle of the deck i have no way of knowing which is top and bottom if i don't peek or know this before-hand.

    B) cutting the deck while its upside down yields the opposite effect and keeps the 'top' half on top. If (A) was intentional, why was it reversed when the deck is flipped?

    C) picking up multiple cards, as shown in the advanced controls tutorial, and placing them down results in shuffled cards. this means you cannot quickly and accurately pick the top 10 cards and place them into a pile without risk of them changing order.

    I only know this because when i split it at 20-32 it popped the 32-stack on top. this piqued my curiosity so i tested things on a sorted deck and found the above issues. this is fundamental deck handling, im flummoxed it's even a bug and also that no one has noticed.

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    Traditionally when you cut a deck you place the bottom on the top. This for example is how it is done in every casino on the planet and in most games that require cutting I know of.

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    Then it would be cutting while upside down that is broken making B and C still valid.

    But on that point of why i still don't expect it is that TTS is not a casino simulator, in fact most decks i interact with are never a standard set of casino cards. For example: in Exploding Kittens (a very popular game and shows up in TTS all the time) when you are dealt an 'Exploding Kitten' you get to put it back into the deck wherever you want without shuffling. If i want to strategically put it 10 cards from the top i would expect to cut it 10-30 with the first/top pile being 10. now if it were a simple reverse of 'oh well its the bottom 10 cards and the top 30 cards' that would be fine, but to split it 10-30 and then swap them is unexpected.

    If it wants to do a casino cut then why do 2/3 steps, just complete it by grouping the remaining cards back together. I think the swapping should be left for scripting. Or at the very least can we get a 1s animation showing the top and bottom being swapped instead of just popping into existence? This top/bottom switching happens using the 'split' action as well, when you split a deck would you also expect those to be swapped? Maybe i only wanted to interact with the top half and leave the bottom unaltered.

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