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Thread: Searchable database with gifs for coding?

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    Searchable database with gifs for coding?

    I am quite new to coding, but I'm learning as fast as I can. I've read (and totally appreciate) MrStump's Lua Tutorials posted on Steam. I've watch and tried many videos about Unity coding and have made quite a few tiny/useless/fun things. I'm learning from and, both great. However, I was wondering if there are any other resources available with searchable databases that have short gifs included? Something like (super simple, but just to give the idea), search for: UI buttons; results in: a How To gif showing a cursor moving to a Game Options button with the coding below it for copying. It would also show different gifs for options to it like adding mouseover functions, how to color/shake/resize it, how to animate it, where it fits in section and where it points to, etc.
    The reason I ask is not only for myself, who is visually orientated, but also to help younger kids like my daughter get into coding. Anything would help and be much appreciated!

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    I do not know of anything like that... but stackechange is a searchable question and answer thing you can look at. Almost anything a beginner could think to ask is most likely already asked and answered there by now.

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    I don't think there is such a database based on the fact that Table Top Simulator is a small niche product. Yes, there are many users who own it but only a fraction of those do actual workshops. A fraction of those do scripted workshops. A fraction of those generate How To Videos. This leaves a very small amount of people. Yes, you can find lots of resources on LUA scripting (although it is a less frequently used scripting language) but those examples won't be Tabletop Simulator specific.

    In addition, those that do make How To Videos would definitely not be making them as animated gifs. Animated Gifs use very inefficient storage and thus tend to become very big for higher resolutions. You'd probably want to make MP4 or MKVs with some decent compression algorithms like H264 ro H265.

    If you are interested in a How To Videos for importing animated characters (or objects) into Tabletop Simulator (via Unity) check out the below link to my video. It is about 45 minutes long but takes you step by step so that almost anyone can do it:

    If you are interested in How To Videos for importing static objects into Tabletop Simulator check out the below link to my video:

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