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Thread: Small annoying bugs

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    Small annoying bugs

    There are some small and annoying bugs in Viticulture, even worse as I tried to sell a friend on how good TTS really is by playing Viticulture with him.
    The lira tends to fall through the table when moved and this really destroys the "sell". I'm guesssing it's and easy fix though.

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    This particular issue is unfortunately a Unity collisions thing where even perfectly valid and convex colliders still fail when colliding too fast. It's not exclusive to Viticulture and my suggestion would be to lower your lift height slightly, otherwise you'll have similar problems across other mods with custom content.
    I don't disagree with this DLC in a fair few ways being less than ideal and a rework is a consideration, but I can not promise it happening any time soon due to time constraints.

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