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Thread: Random Function Chest

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    Random Function Chest

    Kind time of the day, help anyone than I can, I donít know how to write a script for the chest so that when a button is pressed, fog forms and then a random thing from this chest appears. (Or at least just a random thing) Thank you all in advance.

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    sorry, I assume english is not your 1st language... but I do not really understand what you are asking... are you asking for a chest that has a button that randomly draws a item form within it?

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    1. Create a list of the objects that you want the chest to be able to spawn
    2. Create a button on the chest which executes a function
    3. Within the function, pick a random number whose upper limit is determined by the number of objects in the list
    4. Spawn a new object based on the object in the list at the randomly generated index number

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