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Thread: Making a new game

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    Making a new game

    Guys, probably dumbest Question in the Forums, but -

    if I want to create my own Card game - where do I start this in TTS? Singleplayer, Multiplayer, it all starts with Presets, but I guess I Need a Fresh clean table without anything. All Videos I see also show this, but not how it's done, and I can't find any button like "Start your own game here".

    Sure it's easy, but I am confused


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    1. Start a new game without selecting any workshop or DLC. This will get you a random table in a random location. You can use the menu to change the table.
    2. Next typically would be to add your objects such as cards, tokens, dice, etc. Unless you are using standard objects (like standard cards, standard dice, standard tokens) then you will probably use the Insert | Custom Object option (or if you want to get fancy Insert | Custom Asset Bundle).
    3. Once you have done this you can already play the game. There are default "hands" for each player around the table (for holding cards in your hand so the player can see them but others can't). However at this stage you may want to add some additional scripting to make the game more user friendly (e.g. buttons and scripts for common actions). You can add a little or as much scripting as you want. If you don't script, your game will be like players sitting around a physical board game (i.e. playable but you have to do everything manually). The more you script the game the less of a feeling like a physical board game you will have but it can make the playing process a lot better for some games. For example, if you need to deal 6 cards to each player then doing so manually will be a pain but a script that does that would be much better.

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