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Thread: Any beginner guides for Tabletop Simulator out there?

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    Any beginner guides for Tabletop Simulator out there?

    Hey all. I picked up Tabletop Simulator in a past Steam sale but never opened it up. Upon checking it out now, I'm a bit lost. I've looked around for info on how to use it to play existing board games and I'm not really finding much. Is the idea that I should just jump in the multiplayer games out that are on their server? What if I wanted to play my own game on there? Where do I find games that others have created for me to use?

    Sorry for a potentially newbish question to those that are proficient with Tabletop Simulator already but I'm just hoping it gives me a way of playing some board games since most of my friends aren't really into the board games that I own!
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    If I were you, I would just pull up a single player version of one of the example games that come with TTS. I would use that to learn how to navigate around the TTS space (i.e. panning the view, rotating the view, zooming the view, rolling dice, flipping cards, etc) and well as the menus. Once you are comfortable with that then download some real content (either paid DLC or other workshops). Once again, I would first try checking out the content in solo mode so that you can figure out where everything is. Once your comfortable with that, join an multi player game or host a multi player game.

    If you use paid DLC, the quality of the game will typically be good and there will likely be instructions on how to use it. Workshops on the other hand (because they are made by users) can range greatly in quality (from really bad to just as good as DLC). Similarly the instructions along with the workshops may vary.

    Unfortunately Table Top Simulator is basically a two step learning process. You first need to learn the basics of the TTS environment which is what hosts the desired game. Then you need to learn how to use the game because any particular game can be implemented a number of different ways. For example, a game like Munchkin could be implemented so that all the Workshop provides is the cards and the players must do everything manually (as they would in a physical game). But the same game can be implemented with a lot of scripting which automates a lot of the game mechanics (such as automatically dealing cards, automatically determining combat wins, automatically distributing treasure, etc). TTS is a flexible environment allowing the content maker to do as little or as much as he/she desires. This is also whey, when looking for workshops of a specific game, I recommend downloading multiple and checking them out. Most likely you will find some versions that you dislike and some versions that you like.

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