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Thread: Hanging on Startup

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    Hanging on Startup

    Hi everyone! I am looking for some help in fixing an issue with TTS hanging on startup.

    I am able to launch the program, the berserk logo flashes, the load screen appears, the icon spins a few times and freezes, then a windows message appears saying the program is not responding.

    So far I have tried
    -Un/reinstalling C++ Redist. 2012
    -Un/reinstalling Steam and TTS
    -Whitlisting TTS in Antivirus
    -All of the -commands on BG's website
    -Installing TTS on various drives
    -Using the -log command (see below)
    -Verifying game files
    -Disabling Rivatuner and Afterburner
    -Updating drivers

    I have launched the program several times using the -log command, and cannot tell if the program is not getting far enough to create a log file or if the command is not working, either way, I am unable to obtain a report through this method of what is happening.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    So apparently I just have to sit there and let it load for like 2-ish minutes, the error only appears if I click/do anything during that time. I was clicking through the berserk logo, which was causing the issue. Not really sure why it is doing this, but at least it works. I can't figure out how to remove this post, but if a mod wants to do so feel free.

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