I'm having a super strange problem with my current mod.... everytime I try and "send to TTS" from Atom.. I get these errors I have not ever seen before....

This is the Error

The strange thing is that it does "send" and "receive" and the changes "apear" to be getting assigned to the mod... but I have no idea why this is happening.

  • I have tried rebooting Atom and TTS, same result
  • I have tried reinstalling the TTS Plugin
  • I have tried reinstalling Atom and then the TTS Plugin
  • I have tried rebooting the entire computer
  • I have checked (I think) my virus scanner

The crazy thing is that it is not just this "edit" of my mod.. If I load the mod that is currently live on the workshop that was working fine and I could edit with no problem.. if I load that mod, save it to a tmp and do a small change like adding --test to one of the scripts.. I get the same error (sometimes with different object).

Anyone got any idea what is going on?