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Thread: Atom editor on macOS won't Save and Play

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    Unhappy Atom editor on macOS won't Save and Play

    I am running Steam on macOS 10.15.3 and just started with TTS. I am playing around with mods and scripts and installed Atom 1.450 x64 and the latest tabletopsimulator-lua package (12.31).
    When I right click on an object in TTS and select Scripting, the scripts of the TTS objects open fine in Atom, but when I try to save my changes back via the Packages / Tabletop Simulator / Save and Play menu function, nothing is saved back to TTS. No error messages either.
    I guess there is some error happening somewhere - can I turn more verbose logging on and/or in what potential logs and/or locations can I dig for the root cause of this?
    p.s.: Packages / Tabletop Simulator / Get Lua Scripts also doesn't work (no error messages neither).
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    Am I the only one running Atom on macOS ... ?

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    I have used Atom on my mac, though not lately. I hope someone here will be able to give you better help :-(

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