I am one of those people who have... quite a lot of stuff in their steam cloud for this game. In an attempt to better organize said cloud, I started making a number of folders, with a particular organisational system to make it easy to find things. More specifically, I was operating within Modding -> Cloud Manager, wherein I started creating a file structure and moving my items into them.

Unfortunately, a slight problem reared its head. Namely, as the number of folders grew, the drop-down menu for selecting the folder to move an item into (Modding -> Cloud Manager -> [some file] -> Options -> Move -> [Folder selection dropdown menu]) expanded beyond the bottom of my screen, making the bottommost folders inaccessible for selection. I was able to resolve the problem temporarily by moving the dialogue window further upwards, but as it is I'm only going to be able to add another half-dozen or so folders before that solution stops working for me (on account of the dialogue box reaching the top of the screen).

Would it be possible to add scrolling functionality to the folder selection list so that this issue may be resolved on a more permanent basis?