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Thread: Blood Rage DLC bug

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    Blood Rage DLC bug

    I am unable to advance to the start draft phase each age. I get the following error code:

    Error in Script (Global) function <StartDraftClicked>: chunk_3687,4-692,5): attempt to index a nil value

    Any suggestions? Thanks

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    I don't understand.
    This is a paid DLC, and I don't see much support.
    I face plenty scripting bug messages like the one you mention (and including the one you mention).
    Another point for an official paid DLC: it got the drafting at 2 players wrong. At 2 players, we draft 2 cards each turn instead of 1: and the scripting doesn't let you do so, and doesn't let you go on if you took more than 1 card...
    Moreover, Hotseat doesn't seem to work. Not able to clic on the 2/3/4 players setup box once in game, although every one is seated (2 players).
    It has been said in plenty Steam reviews for the DLC, and I never saw any reaction from Berserk Games...
    A small documentation of this DLC would be nice too: especially if it awaits special UNTOLD actions from the user for some part of the script to work...
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