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Thread: Fix Voice Chat on Linux

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    Fix Voice Chat on Linux

    This is a suggestion because Linux voice chat is obviously already a known issue, considering the devs have disabled it via a forced launch option on Linux. Rather than reporting a known bug, I would like to suggest that it actually gets fixed.

    Tabletop Simulator has been one of a growing selection of excellent games available and fully supported natively on Linux. A persistent bug as damaging as this to the experience (no voice chat possible whatsoever) deserves to be resolved. Otherwise, it couldn't be considered fully supported in Linux with such a big feature missing.

    I would like to believe that this game hasn't become another case of "just run it via Proton", but maybe it has. If so, I would also suggest the Linux version be dropped entirely and Proton support be prioritized for the sake of honesty toward consumers.

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    Or remove the "linux support" flag from TTS on steam and offer every linux user a refund. Right now this is unusable for me.
    This is intolerable in for-pay software!


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