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Thread: making windowed Tutorial ui elements

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    making windowed Tutorial ui elements

    Hello there,
    I would like to create a simple tutorial for a board game already created in TTS (Mage Wars Arena), but I don't know where to start and if TTS allows it at all.

    It would be a windowed interface with text that appears when the game starts.

    Would you have any tracks to start with, videos, examples etc...?

    Also, it is possible to integrate a window that would allow the playback of a video, something other than the use of the integrated ipad.

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    Yes some facilities have been recently added to TTS that allow you to "stream" the game. I have seen tutorials done this way. On the official tabletop discord there is a user, "Overboard Games" who has made some tutorials. so I am aware of some expertise there. Good luck!

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    Ok ok thanks i'll check it

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    I will check too

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