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Thread: Rules like "CardBots Rules"

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    Rules like "CardBots Rules"

    Hi all!

    I am working very hard getting Abduction([url][/url]) all set in TTS. My question is that I see in CardBots they have rules setup very nicely, can I do this somehow? please someone explain this to me.

    thanks for reading

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    Unfortunately that's something that can only be done on our end. You can either create rules using the Tablet, or what other people have done is import images onto cards and made them larger.

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    Can we have plz!!!! I imported the rules in as cards and they just look funny (squished). But I think that is because I'm using a large image(8.5x11) on the back on a weird sized card. This is the only way I can get it to look semi-nice.

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    I actually have an idea for how this might be done, - I'll post a request in the Suggestions forum.

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