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Thread: Improved control of picked up objects

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    Improved control of picked up objects

    I've got a mod where I'd like to snap a custom object to a "correct" rotation when a player picks it up. Unfortunately, all of the custom object types except for Dice automatically adjust their rotation to be "upright" and otherwise remain at the same rotation as they were laying on the board -- this means that once the player picks up my object, my "onObjectPickUp" fires and I try to setRotation, which properly snaps the object to a new rotation that it then immediately rotates away from.

    Could the "picked up" coding in TTS be updated so that if setRotation is called on an object while it's being held then that new rotation will become its "desired" rotation so it will preserve it? This is similar to how the player can manually rotate an object while holding it, except it would be driven by a script firing off while they're holding it.

    An alternative that would allow me similar freedom would be if there were an object type that behaved similar to Dice, but without the "Roll" functionality or additional icon they display on hover. I'm unclear why there's so many custom types that all seem to behave identically.

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    Thinking about it more, a new custom object type that doesn't change rotation when picked up -- the same way "Dice" works but without the "Roll" functionality or special hover icon -- would actually be way more useful to me than modifying how the onPickUp event works.

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