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Thread: Make camera information accessible

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    Make camera information accessible

    We have Player[color]lookAt() and Player[color].setCameraMode() which are well and good as far as they go.
    I would very much appreciate

    Player[color].getCameraTransform() which returns information similar to what lookAt() takes.
    These should be available for all colors whether anyone is sitting there or not, including Gray and Black.

    A "nice to have" addition is per-player saved camera settings rather than a single global set. Free up the 20 bindings and instead have hotKey-bindable setCameraView option for the player. Not sure how to phrase that, but basically "connect the current camera view to this hot key".

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    I've been banging on that "scripted camera controls" doors for so long... Hopefully sometime this year it'll finally happen. It could be sooo powerful...

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    A great idea but it seems like a lot of work to make players rebind keys just to change camera angles. You could just create global UI buttons that set certain camera angles when clicked. That seems much easier to me.

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    Right now, as far as I have seen, setting cameras for players is annoyingly inconvenient. While clients can set their own views they are not saved. Host views are saved, and accessible to all players; The result is every client has 10 keys bound of which only 2 or 3 are useful. and the clients are dependent on the host or mod maker to customize their views if they want them saved. In my view it would be much easier to have the mod allow camera views to be saved per player, with a reasonable number of views. (do you ever need as many as 5) with default views set by host or mod maker, but customizable by clients. All of this becomes possible if we have getCameraTransform() and onCameraTransformSet() but independent of that, perPlayer camera saves is a definite improvement over the current situation, and causes the clients no troubles at all.

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    Iíve been asking for this for the past 3 years.

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