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Thread: UI Map buttons for Randomize/Roll and Popout

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    Lightbulb UI Map buttons for Randomize/Roll and Popout

    Currently you can press "R" to roll/randomize but you cannot remap this in the settings for some reason. Not a huge deal, but it would be nice for RPG to remap to a mouse button if you use it a lot.

    The bigger issue, again for RPG users, is that when using PDFs, you cannot press a button to "popout" the PDF. You have to right click and select popout. Similarly you cannot press a button to close the popout. I use the "alt" key to zoom in a lot, and would love to have another button similar to that only a toggle to press and popout the pdf, let me flip through a few pages and then press it again to close the popout pdf.

    All this said, there should also be lua commands for these as well.

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    I can see now I can bind randomize:
    bind [key] action_randomize

    so for popout

    bind [key] action_popout

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