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Thread: Image unloads while in use resulting in black texture on card

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    Image unloads while in use resulting in black texture on card

    While I was working on a mod I noticed an odd issue where an image that is still in use is unloaded, resulting in a black texture on the card.

    I have 3 custom cards, each with one of 3 images in each side:
    1. Image A and B
    2. Image B and C
    3. Image C and A

    If I drop card 1 into a bag (or delete it), then images A and B are unloaded, resulting in cards 2 and 3 having black textures on one side.
    Depending on which card is removed (and possibly whether the removed image is front or back?) it may result in black textures, or the same image on both sides of the card.

    I have produced a small mod (using images from the mod I was working on) that demonstrates the issue -

    I realise that creating cards in this manner is not optimal, but it would otherwise require creating two "deck" images for front and back.

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    Just a note that I tried this on the TTS released today, and the bug is still there.
    I wasn't expecting it to be fixed, but thought I'd check it.

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