It would be great if the Game Keys menus showed key conflicts and had an override toggle.

Right now if you put the same key as another basic TTS hotkey then both will fire. In other words if I have a Game Key to put my discard back into my deck on the R key, pressing R will also randomize whatever I'm hovering.

TTS should detect conflicts with any key set in its configuration menu. And if it sees a conflict it should tell you about it, ideally mentioning which functionality is conflicting ("! Warning: R is also set to Randomize), so that you don't accidentally have weird things happening as you play.

Also, each Game Key should have a toggle next to it that says override. Checking it would mean that it would this Game Key would take precedence and suppress any conflicted hotkey. So, for the conflict example above, if you pressed the toggle, R would ONLY do its Game Keys function, and not randomize.
This is useful since very few games use every TTS function. A game might have a Game Keys called "do a Raid", and it would be convenient to set it to R but very inconvenient to have to unbind R for randomize since it's useless in this game but useful in almost every other one. Ideally, overrides would have a little blue (?) explaining what they do, and toggling it would hide the conflict warning mentioned in the previous paragraph.