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Thread: Paid mod support

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    Paid mod support

    If you haven't though about it already it's prime time to think how would you make a mod that you can sell and we can buy. I'm not sure if steam workshop allows for purchase of the mods. We are never going to get a proper approved licensed board game mod until the publishers have an option to get some sort of money out of it.
    I would like for the paid mods to support sharing, so that I can buy official Munchkin mod and host a server and play with people that do not own Munchkin.
    I would also like there to be some sort of demo or trial for paid mods, as I don't like to buy a cat in a bag. This could be time limited or limited to single player. just enough for me to see the components and how the game plays.

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    OK, just an FYI, my response is very opinionated, and may steer the discussion off course...

    As nice of an idea this is, you may end up buying your mods for the same price it'd cost you to buy a physical one at a retail store. I'll use Munchkin as an example - variants of Munchkin can run you about $30-50. The original "Munchkin Deluxe"(the one that comes with a board), is $30. One without a board is $25. Variant Munchkin games like "Munchkin Quest", can be up to $50.
    Also, a paid mod would most likely disable the capability of saving any of it's contents to your own personal chest, so that you couldn't take and move them to other mods. Munchkin would be another perfect example. People I play with, play with a base and possibly other expansions added in. You couldn't add in any other paid mod expansions unless you had them to add from your chest. If you couldn't save them, you couldn't do that.

    My opinion on the existing "licensed game" mods, is this: It's entirely possible that anyone who owns these IP's, and actually knows they're made on TTS by someone, and does nothing about it, sees it as a good marketing strategy for them to be there. Example: "A friend recommended Game X to me, said it was really good. But I know nothing about it or how to play." Like you said, people don't like to buy a cat in a bag, or something they know nothing about. So they could probably find Game X here on TTs and see it and learn to play - and if they like it enough, it's entirely possible that anyone who is for supporting things they enjoy, will go buy a physical copy. And when they do that, it makes the IP owner money. I know this happens, because I did it with Munchkin. I learned to play on TTS, and I love it, so I bought a real Deluxe version and several expansions from World of Munchkin, for here at home.

    I don't want to put words in anyone's mouths, but I don't think Steve Jackson Games, or anyone else who's DMCA'd their games from the Workshop, sees it this way. They probably see it as a violation of their policies and as such they should not exist there. What they don't see is that their efforts are fruitless because the TTS community is a sharing community, and a games' non-existance on the workshop doesn't stop the workshop file from working and being able to be played. Continuing to use Munchkin as an example - anyone who has files from the workshop, from when Munchkin was there, can share them, and other people can still play. People even have gone so far as to seperate the components from the workshop file, and make chest item files instead. So now even if the Workshop files become broken and unable to be used without being drawn from the workshop itself, it won't matter. They have the items from the mod in their chest so they can still play it.

    Anyways, I'm ranting, and I'll stop now before this post becomes a mile long since I could go on and on with someone about this subject.
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    I would also love having all the mods for free as a way to try out the game before buying it. Or have a code for TTS version bundled in with boxed version of the game. But i'm also a realist about it and I see a lot of games being taken down. I don't expect the developers to change the mind of board game publishers but they could offer them an alternative to free mods. I also see quite a few KS project havingt heir playable mod up on TTS so maybe they will lead the way for other publishers to follow with free mods.

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