It would be nice to be able to list Game Keys in a specific order and even group them.

I imagine the ordering being done with a new parameter for the addHotkey API function. This new parameter would be an integer determining the order in which Game Keys are listed.
For example, with addHotkey("do thing", doThing, false, 2) and then addHotkey("do another thing", doThing2, false, 1), the order under Game Keys would be:
  • do another thing
  • do thing

This feature would be useful to ensure a specific order when you are adding hotKeys in Global and several objects, guaranteeing a certain order.

Additionally, being able to have Game Keys grouped together would be useful too. I see this implemented as another new string parameter for addHotkey. This parameter would be both the identifier for TTS to know which hotKeys to group together AND the label of that group in the Game Keys menu.

So if using both those new suggestions you could have:
addHotkey("do thing", doThing, false, 1, "Player actions")
addHotkey("shuffle discard", shuffleDiscard, false, 2, "Player actions")
addHotkey("setup shop", setupShop, false, 1, "Main board")
addHotkey("recall bits", recallBits, false, 2, "Main board")
Which would give you this in the Game Keys menu:
Player actions:
  • do thing
  • shuffle discard

Main board:
  • setup shop
  • recall bits