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Thread: Colour on objects not visible by non-host players

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    Colour on objects not visible by non-host players


    I have a situation where I have five sets of dice. Each set of dice has custom colours applied to them. i.e. green, red etc.

    The problem
    • The host can see these colours. When anyone else logs on, all dice are green.
    • Editing the colour on any dice, they all show as HSV: 116, 100, 78.
    • If the host changes the colour of the dice again when all players are seated, they see the updated colours.
    • If a player leaves and comes back, they again see all dice as green and the process has to be repeated.

    Looking at the JSON, the ColorDiffuse is showing as different for the different dice. I'm not sure where it's obtaining this green from.

    Possible cause: I previously took a bank of dice, copied them, then adjusted their colours. I'm not sure if it was the green dice or if that's coincidence.

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    To confirm the green thing is a coincidence. All dice to non-hosts show as:

    "ColorDiffuse": {
    "r": 0.0549019426,
    "g": 0.7764706,
    "b": 0.0

    It doesn't show that in the JSON, but that is the equivalent of #0EC600 which it shows in the interface.

    Edit: oh I just realised, that's the green of the default die green in the object library.

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    Is this issue only with the colored dice?

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    i have the same problem with the red square blocks which i colored differently. it works fine only for some. As host, I see the correct color, but the others see only the color red. i was not able to reproduce it until now.

    1. case: Client joins the the host game
    What i tested so far on the client pc:
    - deactivated the mod caching
    - deleted the save folder
    - deleted the mod folder
    - uninstalled TTS and installed it again

    2. Case: upload game as MOD, client subscribe to it and load the game
    - everything is fine with the colors.
    - if i join the game, as MOD creator, i have the same color issues

    i guess there is somthing wrong with the data transfered by the host to the client.
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    We cannot reproduce this bug on our end. Can you link us a workshop that has the bug and point out exactly what is causing it?

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    Hi Knil,

    Sorry for the delay in replying. I noticed the issue again today, which triggered my memory about this thread.

    I have shared my version of a game (not my content, but I was refining it).

    To reproduce login as a host - you'll see the dice fine. Then have someone else login as a player and they'll see the wrong dice.

    I believe they are all natively red D6s which are then tinted.

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    I have this same problem

    To reproduce the bug:

    Open game module 2133667088 ( Macao (English Version) by groovyclam )
    On the table are 6 coloured cubes ( Black, Violet, Grey, Blue, Red, Green ). They dispense small cubes of their own colour.
    In this version of the *.json everything works ok


    Lines 606-642 of the *.json contain the code for the small grey dispensed cubes:

          "ContainedObjects": [
              "Name": "BlockSquare",
              "Transform": {
                "posX": -18.9816513,
                "posY": 2.34950757,
                "posZ": -22.94813,
                "rotX": 8.47311239E-05,
                "rotY": 359.9803,
                "rotZ": -0.000432938366,
                "scaleX": 0.5750004,
                "scaleY": 0.5750004,
                "scaleZ": 0.5750004
              "Nickname": "",
              "Description": "",
              "GMNotes": "",
              "ColorDiffuse": {
                "r": 0.9215,
                "g": 0.9215,
                "b": 0.9215
              "Locked": false,
              "Grid": true,
              "Snap": true,
              "IgnoreFoW": false,
              "MeasureMovement": false,
              "DragSelectable": true,
              "Autoraise": true,
              "Sticky": true,
              "Tooltip": true,
              "GridProjection": false,
              "LuaScript": "",
              "LuaScriptState": "",
              "XmlUI": "",
              "GUID": "e31a9b"

    To make the bug appear:

    Change the RGB lines from their current values of:
    "ColorDiffuse": {
    "r": 0.9215,
    "g": 0.9215,
    "b": 0.9215

    "ColorDiffuse": {
    "r": 1.0,
    "g": 1.0,
    "b": 1.0

    If a person HOSTS this *.json they see the small dispensed cubes correctly as a shade of white, BUT any player joining the hosted game sees them as a shade of red!?!

    This using TTS version 12.4 on Win10Home

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    Reproductible with this game:

    Purple dices are blue for all but for the host.

    And the french version here:

    All dices are red for all players but for the host.

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    I have the same issue, is there any solution on this?

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