It would be great if we could get the key that is bound to a certain Game Keys.

You can add Game Keys with addHotkey but it would be really cool to be able to get whichever key was bound to a certain Game Keys. For example, if i have a Game Key for "Reshuffle Discard" set to X, I could call getGameKeyBinding("Reshuffle Discard") and it would return that X as a string, or "None" if nothing is set.

This would be very useful for tooltips on scripted buttons. You could have a tooltip that says:
"This button reshuffles your discard.
Hotkey: X"
or otherwise if "None" is detected:
"This button reshuffles your discard.
Go to Options -> Game Keys to set a hotkey for it."

Or you could even do a game-specific Keyboard shortcuts that shows all your game's Game Keys, like this:
Attachment 1199

The label would be the identifier for which Game Key binding to get, which is already how TTS handles remembering the binding anyway.