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Thread: Tabletop player group!

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    Lightbulb Tabletop player group!

    Hey guys, I'm an avid gamer and a heavy D&D and pathfinder player!

    But that is not really what I'm here for. What I'm looking for is to create a group of likeminded individuals with an interest in board games, to come together once every two weeks during a weekend and just play boardgames! I like this set-up and I've got already quite a few game mods installed so hit me up for more information!

    Some requirements stand:
    - You must have a good working microphone (just in case we do a story telling game, it'd suck if the audio quality gets in the way...)
    - You must be at least 18 (younger people are still allowed to apply but depending on the game, we might have to skip out on you. Also, swearing WILL be present at times, especially when those f***ing demons get a hold of you )
    - You must have a computer that works... If it keeps crashing we can deal with it but TableTop Simulator so far has issues with reconnecting it seems (from past experiences) and I want to have a continuous, fun time!
    - You must have at least a semi-good grasp of english. If we have to decipher what you said every time around it'll be come a drag and slow the game down!

    Anyway, for more questions hit me up, and I'll be finding a way to organise the group on some forum form. Perhaps a Steam Group will work! Anyway, message me if you feel like playing board games for fun and with some sort of structure!


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    hey bro name is talltell but id be cool with joining the group me and a friend made a rpg game and wanna test it out on tts so just let me know something bro.

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    Interested Player

    Hey! This sounds like it would be a really cool to be a part of an join. I've had no first-hand experience with Dungeons & Dragons, due to the area I live in, but i've loved watching and reading all I can involving it and have several years in just roleplaying experience in general. If you have a steam group or anything i'd be happy to join.

    Skype: TwilightSparkle814

    Steam: therifleman5

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    Add me if your still looking for ppl to play.

    Love RPG board games but will play most interesting games

    Everfire125 on steam

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    Hey there. If you're still looking for players I'm interested! I've had tabletop for a long time and only ever awkwardly played with strangers in the multiplayer. It'd be a lot more fun playing with a recurring group of people.

    cleeprevo on Steam

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    Sounds like it be great, I have no experience playing D&D or pathfinder but i'm a fast learner;

    i'd love to join in, steamid: owengraven

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