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Thread: Lighting Angles / Semi-Dynamic Shadows

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    Lighting Angles / Semi-Dynamic Shadows

    Iím a GM who makes a lot of custom tables and I pride myself on my attention to detail and trying to create cool effects. TTS is really good for this, and the lighting options can do a lot to differentiate between different scenes. I think the following features could make the lighting system even more powerful, hopefully without too much additional cpu cost (Iím no expert though):

    - The ability to adjust the angle of the main lighting, (and the angle of cast shadows to match). I would like to be able to have objects on the table cast a shadow in a direction other than straight down.

    - Partial/colored shadows for transparent objects. Currently, objects with any transparency cast no shadows. Having partially transparent objects cast a light shadow would greatly improve the appearance of simulated glass objects, even more so if shadows could be colored (at least to a single color value) such that a red transparent object would cast a red shadow, and so on.

    - Lastly, reflections in TTS always show the background associated with the HDRI environment. Having an option to reflect a custom background (or possibly have the option to allow certain objects to appear in reflections) would reflective surfaces more immersive.

    I donít know nearly enough about vfx or the way TTS renders things to know if these are feasible changes. But I know that TTS is currently capable of creating gorgeous scenes, and every little change just makes it that much more powerful of a tool (shoutout to everyone who worked to add transparency)!

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    I'm not sure if this would be a good tip for you but there ARE objects that cast dynamic lights out there in the Stem Workshop. You can also make a light in Unity and import it into TTS, that way you can set it to be any color, intensity, etc that you need. Kimiko made a very clear and complete tutorial for the asset bundle export pipeline, once you got that down you're in lights city. I'd caution against going overboard though they do get expensive

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    I know there are dynamic lights available (and I’ve learned to make good use of them), but my request here isn’t with the actual lighting as much as with shadows. Fully dynamic shadows would be infeasible because drawing a shadow for every light source is just not doable, but since TTS already has to draw one set of shadows, having more control over how those shadows are drawn would be a powerful tool.

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    You can turn off the built-in lighting and then use assetbundles to light the scene how you would like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knil View Post
    You can turn off the built-in lighting and then use assetbundles to light the scene how you would like.
    Again, thatís something Iím already doing. However, assetbundles donít produce cast shadows like the main light source, likely due to the high performance cost of drawing shadows. They do produce shading on the reverse of objects, but they do not produce long, dramatic shadows like Iím wanting to make. Besides, in my experience, their light is often too harsh, and (importantly) canít be adjusted as readily as the main lighting.

    EDIT: I could use assetbundles to simulate shadows by lighting up everything else, but... why? At that point why not just ďcut outĒ custom models to be shadows for me? Well, because itís a lot of work each time, and because it wouldnít look as real as just moving the light.

    Iíd like to be able to take advantage of the fact that the main light source already draws shadows, and extend that utility to angle the shadows (and hopefully get colored shadows from transparencies, but I feel like thatís asking too much)
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    Hey! Sorry to necrobump, but I actually discovered yesterday that some lighting assetbundle resources actually do produce cast shadows! The ones I found were on this table:

    In the box, then under “Effects>Lighting” and then it’s the first few lighting effects “Spotlight,” “Radial,” etc. as well as a few of the object-lights (the single candle was one, and the lampposts too).

    My apologies to anyone who was trying to tell me this, I assumed you were claiming that the lights were dynamic, not that some assetbundles produced fully dynamic shadows.

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