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Thread: Questions about the Astrologers board game implementation in TTS

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    Questions about the Astrologers board game implementation in TTS

    Hello !

    I'm working on a board game and I'm considering to use Tabletop Simulator for playtesting.

    In the game there is a combination of 3 main pieces (one board and two discs on top of each other); see attached image:

    - The main square board (1) has a side about 18" and has to be immovable. On this board there are character minis and observatory tokens (4) that move independently.
    - The Zodiac disc (2) has a diameter of 14" and rotates exactly 30 degrees at the end of each round along with the planet tokens on it.
    - The small disc board with the dragon (3) is a child of the Zodiac disc (2) and turns with it when the Zodiac disc rotates but can turn independently at will.
    Is this setup seems doable and work without problems (physics, collisions etc)?

    - There are 2 different sets of cards in the game (Action cards and Manuscripts). Is there a way know how many cards an enemy player has from each set?

    - Is there a way to "snap" the character minis in the color bases in order to avoid to create a 3d model for each combination of minis and bases (for example Mage+red base, Mage+blue base etc) ? For the moment I have 4 character minis and 4 player colors.
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    yes you can snap the character minis to bases using the attach tool or obj.attach(other obj) in scripting. you can also do Player[color].getHandObjects() to get the contents of the player's hand, then examine each card to see which deck it belongs to and and maintain counts as needed.

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    Thank you !

    Do you think that I can setup the board/discs combo in order to work as described above?

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    I believe so; you can use the joint tool to make the hinges though that might be a bit fiddly if the players get rambunctious, or you can make a board with a hole in it, (this would be a custom object) and put it over a fixed pin. the scripted movements are easy. You can also set up scripted buttons to let players control the rotation. All of these things have been done in other mods.

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    Thank you, seems good to me. I was thinking about an alternate way to do itĘThe player push an "end turn" button- the script will attach all the planets and the small circle in the big zodiac circle, then rotates the zodiac circle 30 degrees and then detach the planets and the small disc

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    That will work; you can experiment freely to see what works best!

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