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Thread: getSnapPoints Error

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    getSnapPoints Error

    if you call getSnapPoints() to an object, which has no snap points an error is thrown. this wasnt the case before the update.

    I also dont get it, why setSnapPoints() is now scale independent. it wasnt the case before.
    It is very inconsistent and makes programming more difficult if some functions depend on the scaling of the object and then others do not.

    From my point of view no Set Funktion with its dependend on an object should be effected by the scale value. After the set call, its makes sense, that for example a button is scaled with the object, but not at the point of creation (set call).

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    getSnapPoints had a bug which has been corrected. you should expect no further changes to the scaling issue. As to the error on a getSnapPoints() call on an object without snapPoints, I agree this is a bug;
    I would expect this to return an empty table.

    For the devs, here is an example:
    function onLoad(statstr)
    Error in Script (Global) function <onLoad>: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

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