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Thread: TT & Atom

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    TT & Atom

    It's my understanding that when we write script in TTS, it copies it to Atom, or, if we script in Atom, it sends it to TTS. I thought this happened automatically, but I can't seem to find my script in Atom [well, a couple times I have], and so I'm about ready to remove Atom as begin basically useless. But I do that, though, I assume I might be doing something wrong. Any help on this, please? Thank you.

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    Mod editing

    The steps to make scripts with TTS are very strict. The reasons are fairly complex, so I'll just give you a formula:
    1. load the mod you want to script-edit.
    2. Start your script editor. If it is already running, you may already have your scripts available, but there are circumstances where this can go horribly wrong. Keep a back up copy.
    3. type ctrl shift L to get the scripts
    4. edit your scripts.
    5. type ctrl shift S to save your work. you may now test in the mod
    6. if you make any non-script changes that you want to keep, save your mod and go to step 1. otherwise you may go back to step 4

    Whenever you switch to edit a different mod, you must be careful to clear Atom's working collection of files. It can get confused. the easiest way to do this is to quit the editor and start fresh with step 1 on the new mod.

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